Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Trees, rocky shallows and sandbars don’t seem to be a problem for the NuCanoe

I love my NuCanoe. I live in Soddy Daisy, Tennesse, on North Chickamauga Creek and the NuCanoe is just awesome. I launch from the backyard on a Saturday morning and paddle with my Dachshund Sebastain until we just can’t paddle anymore. We then call the wife or daughter to come pick us up downstream. It’s just great being able to spend that time outdoors. Trees, rocky shallows and sandbars don’t seem to be a problem for the NuCanoe. Even if it is too shallow to cross it’s an easy pull and tug and we are back on our way. Perfect for man-dog time. I am looking forward to purchasing a trolling motor so we can enjoy the area lakes and do some fishing. Pics included…paddle onward..

Jerry-Soddy Daisy, Tennesse

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Top 3 Reasons to Paddle your NuCanoe

1. Sit high and dry in the boat, while paddling in comfort.

2. Stable design allows the user to stand in the boat without tipping or falling and enables easy boat exit and entry - even on the water!

3. Wide, spacious build comfortably seats 1-3 passengers or even a dog or two.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Paddle comfortably and stay dry

Paddlers can sit high and dry in a NuCanoe. NuCanoe users enjoy the benefits of being able to sit higher in the boat than in other canoes and the stable design keeps users dry, without the worry of tipping or getting soaked.

7.  Whitewater Paddling (3) Paddling (7)

The comfortable and spacious seating of the NuCanoe gives paddlers an enjoyable experience for hours as they can enjoy the elements and on-water beauty without getting sore, like in other canoes. All of the NuCanoe seating configurations are built for comfort. And seating can easily be added, altered, and adjusted according to preference.

See NuCanoe Seats

Easy to get in and out

One of the amazing things about the NuCanoe is it’s unprecedented stability. The design makes it easy for users to get in and out, from on-land or from on-water. Watch this video to see:

Even dogs can enter and exit with ease from on-water.

Paddling (6)

Stand & Paddle

Standing in the NuCanoe is no problem. Being able to stand in the boat without the worry of tipping or falling really opens up the possibilities of use and make the NuCanoe what it is – a versatile, stable boat. Fishermen love this feature because it means that they can stand and fish. Paddlers also love this feature because it means they can actually stand and paddle the boat!

Fishing (12)Paddling (10)

Check out these amazing videos!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Dog Friendly Ride

Paddling (14)  The NuCanoe is spacious and comfortable, easily seating multiple passengers. But along with providing comfort and fun to men, women, and children alike, the NuCanoe is also excellent for bringing a dog or two along.



Paddling (47)

Dogs and passengers will be able to take advantage of the boat’s inherent stability by being able to exit and enter the boat from on-water without taking on water or capsizing.




4.  Hunting (4)The dog friendliness of the boat is especially loved by fowl hunters who have dogs that they like to bring along.